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Heating Oil Pricing & Payment Options

Our price protection and payment options offer the flexibility you need

We understand that heating oil pricing can be complicated. It is also largely beyond our control.

Many factors determine how much you’ll be paying for heating oil this winter. These factors include supply and demand, weather, natural disasters that may impact heating oil production and distribution, Wall Street investors and geopolitical issues and conflicts.

Frequently asked questions about heating oil prices

Heating Oil Pricing & Payment Options

As with any commodity, heating oil’s price can rise and fall throughout the year and over a longer period. Here are some questions we often hear about heating oil prices.

Q: What month is heating oil the cheapest?

A: Typically, heating oil prices are lowest in the summer, and we encourage customers to fill their tanks then. Not only can you often secure the best rate, but keeping a full heating oil tank slows internal corrosion during the summer.

Q: Why is my heating oil burning so fast?
weatherstripping to prevent heat loss
A: Some common reasons you may be using more heating oil include:

  • sustained freezing temperatures outdoors.
  • lowered heating system efficiency.
  • heat escaping because of drafts in your home.
  • your home thermostat being set too high.

Q: How can I make my heating oil last longer?
A: Investing in heating efficiency will help your fuel last longer. We recommend:

  • sealing drafts with weatherstripping and caulk to prevent heat from escaping.
  • arranging an annual tune-up to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.
  • using a programmable thermostat to lower your home temperatures while you’re asleep or out of the house.
  • upgrading to more efficient heating equipment if your current system is over 15 years old.

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We always want to ensure that you’re getting the best possible value, and we understand that everyone a has a unique budget and needs. Our hassle-free pricing and payment options are set up to offer you maximum flexibility and convenience.

pricing payment graph

Price-protection options

Budget Plan with Price Cap: When you choose this 12-month option, you can enter anytime from April to July! The plan combines our Standard Budget Plan with a heating-oil price cap for a small fee. This program provides added peace of mind, as it keeps your fuel price from rising above the agreed-upon cap price, and if the market price of heating oil goes down, your price will drop as well.

Pre-Paid (fixed price): With this option, you purchase your fuel in advance so that you are not subject to price spikes. However, your fuel rate will remain locked in, even if prices drop.

Pre-Paid (with price cap): This program adds price protection to the fixed-price Pre-Paid option for an additional fee. If prices go down, you’ll receive a credit for the difference between your cap price and our daily price.

Payment options

AutoPay: If you’re looking for ultimate convenience for bill paying, enroll in our AutoPay program. Once you’re signed up, we’ll automatically deduct the amount for any delivery or service rendered from your checking account or charge it to a credit card. Your payments are guaranteed to be on time, and you’ll never worry about losing a bill again! Further, you’ll benefit from receiving the discounted price of fuel delivery (save 10¢ per gallon), as if you were paying cash!

10-Day Payment Plan: If you pay within 10 days of receiving your bill, you will receive a prompt pay discount on the price of your heating oil, which is the same as our cash price.

Standard Budget Plan: This 12-month plan starts in April and enables you to spread your payments out evenly over the course of the year. Here’s how it works: We estimate the number of gallons you will use for the entire season (based on your usage history), and we multiply that volume by the estimated oil price. We then divide this total seasonal budget into 12 equal monthly payments. Keep in mind that the price could change, based on fluctuations in the market.

Fuel assistance and bill-paying help

Keeping up with paying heating bills can be a challenge sometimes. If you’re having trouble keeping your account up to date, here is a list of agencies that may provide assistance:

Southwestern Community Services
(800) 529-0005 or (603) 352-7512
customers in Rindge and Jaffrey, NH
Southern New Hampshire Services
(800) 322-1073 or (603) 647-4470
Community Teamwork
(978) 459-6161
customers in Groton and Pepperell, MA
New England Farm Workers’ Council
(978) 342-4520
All other Massachusetts customers
Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.
(508) 754-1176
Fuel assistance for Central Mass

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything we can do. We’re here to help.

Delivery Options

Automatic Delivery: We schedule your fuel deliveries based on your past fuel usage and predicted weather patterns.

Will-Call Delivery: With will-call, it’s up to you to let us know when you are running low and need a fuel delivery. We recommend automatic delivery, as it eliminates your risk of a run-out.

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