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Rely on Brideau Energy for propane services in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

You may have noticed that the number of homes switching to propane is on the rise, and that many new constructions are being built with systems that use propane. Energy-efficient and cost-efficient, propane is a versatile, budget-friendly fuel. The bulk of our supply is produced domestically. Here’s a look at the propane services you can take advantage of when you’re part of the Brideau Energy family.

Propane Delivery
With quality fuel and top-notch customer service, Brideau is here for you. We’ll get you started with automatic propane delivery, so we can monitor your fuel usage and take care of your deliveries. When it’s time for a delivery, you don’t have to do a thing. If you prefer will-call delivery, that is also an option.

Propane Tanks & Monitoring
If you’re looking for a propane tank, we offer a range of standard sizes. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you decide what you need. And when you lease your propane tank from Brideau Energy, you can also enjoy the benefits of wireless tank monitoring. Stay on top of your fuel use from your phone, tablet or computer!

propane fillingPricing & Payment Options
Decide what works best for you from our range of pricing and payment options, including the following:

  • Budget with Price Cap
  • PreBuy
  • AutoPay
  • Standard Budget

Easy to Switch
Converting to propane is not as expensive or complicated as many people believe. With our reliable installation team as well as ongoing rebates and incentives, Brideau Energy can make the transition to propane a simple and painless process.

Benefits of Propane
Safe, efficient and versatile, propane has multiple benefits. Get to know the many pros of using this reliable fuel, as well as how it compares with electricity. You might be surprised at what you learn!

Propane Safety
Do you know what to do if you smell gas in your home? Find out from our propane safety page, which includes specific instructions for this scenario as well as many other helpful tips about using propane.

Learn more about all that Brideau has to offer or become a customer today! We can’t wait to hear from you.