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Heating Oil Tanks & Protection

Turn to Brideau for fast, safe and professional oil-tank installation

At Brideau Energy, we have extensive knowledge and experience with heating-oil-tank installation. We have master plumbers on staff and we are licensed and certified to remove a heating oil tank according to environmental standards and install a brand-new, state-of-the-art tank on your property. When it’s time to replace your heating-oil tank, let Brideau help you choose an upgrade that fits your space and your budget.

The latest in oil tanks

Many of today’s heating-oil tanks feature a double-walled construction, which virtually eliminates the possibility of a leak. The latest heating-oil tanks on the market are constructed of top-quality materials and are thoroughly tested for safety and durability. With a new oil tank, you’ll need minimum floor space.

Roth Double Wall Oil TankWhen you upgrade, you’ll be guaranteed a weld-free, galvanized-steel outer tank and a corrosion-resistant inner tank with pipe connections above the oil level. When it’s time to do the work, we will secure all permits needed to replace your old tank safely, promptly and professionally, and we’ll make sure you understand your new tank’s warranty.

Heating-oil-tank benefits

When you have an oil storage tank right on your own property, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a supply available. Contact us to enroll in automatic heating-oil delivery. Here are just a few of the benefits of having an up-to-date heating-oil tank:

  • The latest tanks are made from corrosion-resistant materials based on advanced research and technology.
  • You pay for what you get. See our pricing and payment options for details!
  • You can keep your heating-oil tank wherever it works best for you. Heating oil is biodegradable and safe to store in your home, so you can have a new leakproof tank installed in your garage, in a closet or in your basement. It’s also fine to keep it outside, near your home.

Heating-oil-tank maintenance, repair and inspections

In the event that you need a heating-oil-tank repair, contact us, and we’ll have one of our expert technicians come out. They’ll assess the issue and handle the repair. If it’s been a while since your tank was inspected, we can take care of that for you as well.

When an expert technician from Brideau performs an inspection, they’ll notify you of any concerns, including dents, a large bulge, rust or a leak. If it’s time to shop for a new oil tank, we can provide options for an upgrade. We can guide you through the process of selecting the right tank for your needs.

Learn about our Tank Protection Plan

For homeowners with older tanks, we offer the Tank Protection Plan, which offers a tank-replacement warranty that will give you $2,000 toward the cost of an upgrade in the event of a leaking oil tank. Contact us today to enroll or to learn more!

Contact us to schedule a free assessment of your heating-oil tank or with any questions you may have about storing heating oil on your Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire property.