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Heating Oil Delivery in Leominster, Massachusetts

Brideau Energy is your full-service home comfort partner!

heating oil delivery in leominster

If you live in Leominster or a nearby Worcester County community and you’re disappointed with your heating oil company, Brideau Energy is here to help. Since 1987, we have been the most trusted home comfort provider in the region.

Premium heating fuel, reliable service

Top-notch heating oil delivery — The Brideau delivery team is friendly and professional. We show up on time and deliver your heating oil promptly and safely. With our complimentary automatic delivery service, we track your oil use for you. You never have to call for a delivery, and you’ll never run out!

Clean-burning Bioheat Plus® fuel — We deliver a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel (made from used cooking oils, animal fats, and seed oils). It vastly reduces your home’s carbon footprint and extends your heating system’s lifespan.

Price and payment programs — Brideau Energy can help make your billing and payments less stressful and more predictable with these options:

  • Our Budget Plan lets you spread your heating oil expenses over 12 equal monthly payments. You’ll cut your winter bills virtually in half. For a small fee, you can also cap the rate you pay for fuel.
  • Our Pre-Paid option allows you to purchase your fuel before the cold weather arrives. This locks in your rate all season. You can also pay a small fee for price cap protection. If the market rate of heating oil goes down, you’ll receive an account credit!
  • Take advantage of AutoPay and never mail a check again. We’ll deduct your delivery or service payment from your checking account or credit card. Plus, you get a 10-cent-per-gallon discount on your heating oil!
  • We offer a 10-Day Payment Plan. When you pay within 10 days of receiving your bill, you enjoy 10 cents off each gallon of heating oil!
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IF YOU REQUIRE EMERGENCY SERVICE, PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY at 978-906-0508. Please do not contact us through our website.

Other home comfort services from Brideau Energy

Unlike many other heating oil companies in the region, we are a full-service provider of home comfort services, including:

Proud to serve historic Leominster, MA

In 1653, a group of English settlers named their small community Leominster after a town in England. It was officially incorporated as a town in 1740, then as a city in 1915. In the 19th century, Leominster was a significant waypoint on the Underground Railroad.

Perhaps the most famous of Leominster’s residents was John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. He was born in Leominster in 1774 and attained almost mythic status as a nurseryman, conservationist, and spiritual missionary.

Other notable Leominster residents are:

  • author Robert Cormier
  • Massachusetts governor and senator David Walsh
  • NFL tight end Noah Gray
  • photographer Paul Fusco

What Brideau Energy customers are saying

Incredible! Awesome company. Great customer service. Definitely recommended. Very reliable and responsible.” —Juana G

I’m new to Brideau Energy, but my experience so far has been exceptional. They’re a pleasure to deal with on the phone, readily shared the info that I was seeking, and delivered prompt service when my tank was getting dangerously low (thought I could make it to spring). Filling up the oil tank is never fun, but Brideau Energy makes it easy.” — Corey P.

Are you looking for dependable heating oil delivery for your Leominster home? Brideau Energy is ready to help. Become a customer today!