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Bioheat Plus® Fuel

We deliver Bioheat Plus fuel, which is keeping us on the road to a carbon-neutral future

Bioheat Plus fuel is a domestically produced fuel that’s the product of a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel. It’s available in different tiers, depending on how much biodiesel is blended in. The renewable biodiesel is made from organic and recycled products, including used cooking oils, inedible corn oil, soybean oil, canola, tallow, fats and algae.

You don’t need to make any changes to your current furnace, boiler or storage tank to use Bioheat fuel or Bioheat Plus® fuel, which is what Brideau delivers. In fact, the latest compact, highly efficient boilers and furnaces, which drastically increase fuel efficiency and reduce consumption, work especially well with Bioheat Plus fuel. This fuel is made with 5% to 20% biodiesel (B5 to B20).

Safety First

We know safety is a concern—as it should be! You can feel confident about the safety of Bioheat Plus fuel, as it is approved by ASTM International, which sets industry standards for fuels and lubricants.

Bioheat delivery

Bioheat Plus fuel offers several meaningful benefits over traditional heating oil and many other fuels

  • It burns more cleanly than regular heating oil and, as a result, produces fewer emissions.
  • With Bioheat Plus fuel, your heating system will operate more efficiently.
  • A system that operates more efficiently will cost you less to run.
  • You’ll need fewer repairs, and your system will last longer.
  • Bioheat Plus fuel cuts back on greenhouse-gas emissions.

We are happy to report that as home-heating companies across the United States transition to higher levels of Bioheat Plus fuel, the result is a reduction in heating oil’s carbon footprint. The ultimate goal of the industry is to become carbon neutral in the coming years. Please click here to see our response to past local news coverage of a relevant issue.

pop quiz
Answer: No. Modern systems require no modifications at all when they start using Bioheat Plus fuel.
Answer: Yes.
Answer: False. The cost to run your system will actually drop, as this fuel is much more efficient than standard heating oil.

Please contact us with any questions about Bioheat Plus fuel and what it can do for your Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire home.