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Benefits of Propane

Propane offers many benefits to Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire families

If you’re having a new home built or renovating your existing home, it will be helpful for you to get to know the benefits of propane. Understanding propane’s many advantages is also essential if you are considering converting.

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5 Benefits of Propane

  • It’s safe. Propane is one of the safest fuel options for heating, running appliances and more. Learn more from our Propane Safety page.
  • It’s efficient. Propane heats up incredibly fast, mainly due to the fact that its average efficiency is over 90%.
  • It’s budget friendly. Propane’s efficiency also helps your bottom line. Using such an energy-efficient fuel means your bills will be lower, as your appliances will cost less to operate than their electric counterparts do.
  • It’s an ideal option if you spend time off the grid. If you live or have a second home in an area where it’s difficult to secure utility services, look to propane to keep things going. With a tank on your property you don’t have to worry about the community’s supply should a weather event or other emergency take place.
  • It allows for super-precise cooking. Propane cooktops, ovens and ranges provide precise temperature control that far outperforms that of electric stoves.

Propane vs. Electricity

You may not realize that, while your electric appliances don’t produce emissions, the plant where the electricity for your home is generated probably does. In fact, many plants are coal-fired, and they are among the biggest national sources of greenhouse-gas pollution.

Meanwhile, propane, with its very low carbon content, produces virtually no greenhouse-gas emissions or air pollutants. In fact, the average propane-powered home reduces emissions by nearly 30% in comparison with fully electric-powered homes. And when propane is used for heating water, drying clothes, cooking and space heaters, the reduction in emissions can jump to up to 50%.

Propane can do that: for homeowners

Propane vs electricity

Uses for Propane

Propane has so many uses throughout your home—inside and out!

  • You can get your water heated up far faster with a propane water heater than you can with electric.
  • You can use propane to heat your home more affordably than if you use an electric heating system.
  • Your clothes will dry faster in a propane-powered dryer than they will with an electric dryer—and they’ll have fewer wrinkles!
  • You can extend your summer with patio and deck heaters, propane firepits, pool heaters and more for your outdoor living space.
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Contact the Brideau team today to learn more about propane, whether you’re thinking of converting, upgrading equipment or if you need to set up delivery to your Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire home.