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What is Propane?

Written on: November 21, 2022

And Is It a Good Choice for Your Home?

propane provider new hampshire Chances are you’re already benefiting from all that propane can do in and around your Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire home. Propane is portable. That means you can take it with you tailgating this football season. Propane is versatile. You can use it to cook, heat your home, warm your water, and so much more. And propane is eco-friendly. It’s an efficient and clean-burning fuel.

You already know what propane can do in and around your home, but how much do you know about propane itself? For instance, do you know what it is and where it comes from? Hopefully, your propane comes from Brideau Energy. We provide convenient propane delivery to our New England customers. You can choose the convenience of automatic delivery or opt to remain a will-call customer if that’s your preference. Either way, you can rely on Brideau Energy for your propane services.

Ready to learn more about propane? Keep reading.

Propane 101

Propane is a product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. It’s often compressed and stored as a liquid. You may also hear it referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LPG or LP. Propane is nontoxic and colorless.

What Can Propane Do?

There is so much propane can do residentially and commercially. Propane is an extremely versatile fuel. It can be used for heating, water heating, cooking, and powering a variety of appliances. It can also fuel vehicles. When used as a fuel for vehicles it’s called propane Autogas.

What Are Propane’s Benefits?

Propane offers a lot of benefits. That makes propane a good choice for your New England home. Here are some of the advantages propane offers:

Make Brideau Energy Your Propane Provider

Brideau Energy is a reliable source of propane delivery to homes across Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. And if you’re not currently using propane to heat your home, our installation specialists can make your transition to propane a simple and painless process.

Contact Brideau Energy today to learn more about the propane services we offer.