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What Is On-site Fueling?

Written on: April 3, 2023

On-Road & Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery in MA & NH

diesel fleet new hampshire Brideau Energy always provides competitive pricing and reliable on-site fuel delivery to our range of commercial fuel customers in central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

For starters, we offer onsite fleet fueling of on-road diesel for commercial truck fleets of all sizes. Most businesses request onsite fueling service for late afternoons and evenings when all trucks have returned to home base. This flexible scheduling saves your business time and money.

Our clean-burning low-sulfur on-road diesel fuel also allows you to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions from your fleet. Businesses who depend on us for this type of fuel include construction, waste haulers, bus and shuttle companies and commercial trucking.

We also deliver dyed low-sulfur off-road diesel fuel for use in such equipment as industrial heating & cooling systems, generators, pumps, agricultural and earth-moving machinery and more.

5 Benefits of On-site Fleet Fueling

Our fleet fueling service provides your business with these five important benefits.

  1. when a business adds up all of the expenses of dispatching all of its trucks to an off-site gas station for fill-ups, the savings that could be gained with using onsite fleet fueling becomes quite impressive.
  2. if you have your diesel fuel delivered to your site during downtime, your drivers will be able to spend more time on the road—earning additional money for your operation.
  3. you eliminate using fuel to refuel! With on-site delivery, you save on fuel, wear-and-tear and labor.
  4. you won’t have to deal with missing receipts or miscalculated miles per gallon.
  5. you eliminate any worries or problems with on-site storage.

The Value of Diesel Fuel

For hundreds of businesses in a variety of industries, diesel fuel plays such a vital role. Diesel keeps fleets of vehicles on the road, from delivery trucks to law enforcement vehicles to school buses. It can also power industrial and agricultural equipment as well as generators that provide backup and emergency power to keep essential facilities like hospitals and nursing homes up and running. Diesel is also used to protect servers and related technology from extreme temperatures, and also keeps refrigerator units running so that perishables aren’t lost.

From hospitals and nursing homes to schools and businesses, diesel fuel keeps residents and employees safe and comfortable and essential equipment up and running—protecting lives and valuable information even when the power grid fails. It also keeps vehicles on the road—whether for the military, local law enforcement, school, farm, or delivery company.

Contact Brideau Energy for a Diesel Fuel Quote

With Brideau Energy, you can always count on getting the best prices and most reliable on-site diesel fuel deliveries in the region.

Brideau Energy has the resources to fuel a commercial fleet of any size with our computerized metering and printout systems. If needed, we also have a card-operated system on Route 68 in Templeton that’s available 24 hours a day.

With more than 35 years of experience serving commercial fuel customers in New England, Brideau Energy understands the importance of combining reliable diesel fuel delivery service with a range of high-quality diesel fuel products.

So why not make Brideau Energy your first choice for onsite fueling of diesel fuel? We have been a family-owned enterprise since 1987, and we offer superior service and expertise. Make the most of your commercial operation by having Brideau Energy deliver your fuel.

Contact us today to become a commercial fuel customer and learn more about how we can help your business keep moving forward.