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Heater Maintenance & Repairs During the Summer

Written on: July 18, 2022

Now Is Really the Best Time

summer hvac service massachusettsWe’re in the thick of summer now. With every heat wave that hits New England, you’re probably thinking of ways to cool down not warm up. However, even though this is the season to crank up the AC and enjoy lobster rolls, pool parties, and ice-cream, it’s also a good time to make sure your home’s heating equipment gets the TLC it needs so it’s ready to work hard for you come winter. So even while you’re keeping cool in the pool, by the AC, or in the shade, now is the time to schedule a maintenance visit for the boiler or furnace in your central Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire home.

Timing Is Everything

Chances are heating your home is probably one of the furthest things from your mind right now. However, that’s actually part of why now is a good time to schedule a maintenance visit for your heating system. It’s the off-season. Once winter rolls around, we’ll have to prioritize no-heat emergencies, and it will be much harder for you to schedule a maintenance or repair visit then. If you are able to schedule a maintenance visit during the winter, we may have to cancel your appointment to give priority to someone with a no-heat emergency. We don’t want to have to disappoint you. So take advantage of the fact that this is a slow season for our heating experts, and schedule your maintenance visit now. Then your heating system will be primed and ready to work as efficiently as possible to keep you and your family comfortable and warm all winter long.

Our Service Plan

If you haven’t already, sign up for Brideau’s service plan. It includes an annual maintenance visit that will ensure your boiler or furnace is working at maximum efficiency. In addition to including 24-hour emergency service, our service plan also includes discounts on service fees, diagnostic fees, and replacement parts.

Brideau Is the Smarter Choice

As a family-owned, top-quality fuel company, Brideau Energy cares about our central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire customers. We offer smarter heating and cooling solutions.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a maintenance visit for your boiler or furnace. Your comfort is our priority.