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Make Your Heating Oil Payments More Manageable

Written on: July 4, 2022

Which Plan Is Right for You?

heating oil service massachusettsIf you’re responsible for managing your household’s finances, the past few months have probably made things even more challenging for you. Prices are on the rise everywhere you look. At Brideau Energy, we want you to get the best possible value for your New England home. That’s why we deliver top-quality heating oil to our customers in and around Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

We also understand that different families have different budgets and needs. That’s why we offer pricing and payment options designed to give you flexibility, convenience, and control over your heating oil payments. And with the high oil prices we’ve seen this year, now is a good time to do whatever you can to make your fuel payments as manageable and predictable as possible.

Price Protection Plans

Brideau Energy offers different price-protection options that can help you avoid a shocking bill and make your payments more predictable.

Save with Brideau Energy

These are financially difficult times for many of us. Get more predictability on your heating oil bill by signing up for one of Brideau Energy’s price protection plans. For additional savings, we also offer our customers a 10-Day Payment Plan. If you pay your bill within 10 days of receiving it, you’ll get a 10 cents per gallon discount.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

As a family-owned, top-quality fuel company, Brideau Energy cares about our central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire customers. If you’re having trouble paying your heating oil bills, we can connect you to agencies that offer assistance.

Contact us today to learn more. Your comfort is our priority.