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Troubleshooting Common Central Air Conditioning Problems

Written on: May 20, 2024

Keep Cool and Carry On

central air Central air conditioning is a blessing in the sweltering heat, but when it malfunctions, it can be a tremendous source of discomfort and stress for you and your family. Fortunately, there are some common central air conditioning problems that you can resolve yourself. Others will require professional intervention. Here are some common central air conditioning problems and their potential solutions:

1. Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

2. Not Cooling Properly

3. Insufficient Airflow

4. Water Leaks

5. Strange Noises

Remember, regular maintenance can prevent many of the issues outlined above. Brideau offers preventative maintenance and an Air Conditioning Service Plan, which includes an annual tune-up, as well as priority service and a 15% discount on parts and labor. With regular tune-ups and ongoing maintenance, you can avoid more serious problems and keep your costs down. Just like a car, a central air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to perform optimally.

Scheduling tune-ups will keep your central air conditioning system running at its maximum efficiency, reducing your annual cooling costs. A tune-up also gives our technicians a chance to catch minor wear and tear before you find yourself with a major problem.

During your tune-up, a Brideau technician will complete all of the following steps as part of the inspection:

It’s better to address minor issues promptly before they escalate into major ones, ensuring your central air conditioning system keeps you cool when you need it most.

Brideau Will Keep You Cool

At Brideau Energy, the comfort of your home is our priority. We have served the residents of Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 1987. Whether you need an AC installed, repaired, or tuned-up, you can count on us.

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