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Can Propane Freeze?

Written on: February 14, 2022

The science behind the answer

propane freezing point new hampshireWinters in New England are not for the faint of heart (or thin of skin). It gets cold here. Really, really cold. If you have a propane tank, especially one that’s aboveground, you may be asking yourself these questions: Can propane freeze? And if it can, what should I do about it? Will my propane be ruined if it gets too cold?

The short answer is yes, propane can freeze. However, the freezing point of propane is subzero. More specifically, the freezing point of propane is -44 degrees Fahrenheit. New England gets very cold during the winter months, but not that cold. So you don’t need to worry about your propane freezing.

But there’s more…

While you don’t have to worry about your propane freezing, you do have to think about your propane on extremely cold days during the winter months. Propane is affected by extremely cold weather. Propane is a liquid. When it’s exposed to cold enough temperatures, it contracts—that means it occupies a smaller volume. Because your tank’s size is fixed, when the volume of the propane in the tank decreases, so does the propane pressure in the tank. If the pressure gets low enough, it will affect whether or not the propane in your tank can reach your gas burner. When that happens, you’ll probably experience difficulty running your propane appliances.

This isn’t something that’s likely to be an issue often, but it’s still helpful to know how to address it. Here are three tips for avoiding low propane pressure problems:

  1. The magic number is 30. Don’t let your propane tank levels fall below 30% full. If you notice you’re approaching 30% and you also know a winter vortex is on its way, contact Brideau to request a propane delivery.
  2. Snow away. Whenever there’s a winter storm, be sure the clear the snow off your tank as soon as possible. Your tank will be warmer when it’s exposed to the sun.
  3. Turn it down. Turn your thermostat down a bit. This might seem counterintuitive on a cold day, but by lowering the temperature your heating system is working to maintain, it won’t have to work as often. This will allow the pressure in your tank to build.

Propane Delivery in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

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