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BioHeat Response to iTeam Report 2/19/19

Written on: June 8, 2021

On 2/19/19 WBZ Channel 4 Bostons iTeam aired an investigative news piece regarding a particular oil dealer in our area. This piece involved consumer complaints and equipment problems caused by extremely high levels of Biofuels. Because of the interest caused by this report, we have added more information to our website to help inform our customers about Biofuel. Biofuel is widely recognized as the “wave of the future” and a better cleaner alternative to fossil fuels – and we want our customers to understand that this report reflects the actions of one particular dealer and is not indicative of the industry or Brideau Energy.
Dear Customers,

Our Industry has made tremendous strides in providing you with a quality heating oil that has been transformed to BioHeat. BioHeat is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel made from organic and recycled products.

Unfortunately a recent news story has singled out a local fuel dealer, and there are others that have for financial reasons chose to increase the amount of biodiesel blending into their heating oil sold to consumers.

The reality is for the last few years our wholesale companies have been providing a Biodiesel blend up to 5% (B5) in the fuel we receive.

Brideau Energy’s position is one that we feel is in the best interest of our customers, and working to reduce our carbon footprint.

First, we have been using a heating oil additive for over 10 years to enhance the fuel quality of the new ultra-low sulfur fuel. Second, this summer we plan to increase the biodiesel blend ratio to 10 to 15%. This will keep us under the recommended maximum of 20% (B20).

The environmental benefits of BioHeat are significant. First, Biodiesel lowers the carbon content of heating oil. Secondly, biodiesel is made from renewable, organic sources such as the oil from soy beans and used cooking oils. Industry research indicates that when ultra-low sulfur heating oil is blended with biodiesel at 20% now called B20, this BioHeat fuel significantly reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions making BioHeat cleaner than natural gas.

This unfortunate publicity has cast a black eye on a cleaner, greener product of the future. Rest assured that we would never put our customers home comfort at risk.


Mark Brideau