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What Is The Average Cost Of A Heating System?

Written on: November 7, 2022

Is an Upgrade Worth It?

heating system upgrade massachusetts Autumn is a great season. The leaves change color. The temperatures dip, but there are still lots of lovely sunny days. And if you like pumpkin spice, you’re living your best life.

Autumn is also a great time to make sure your home’s heating system is ready to get you through whatever winter has in store. It may even be time to purchase a new heating system.

When you upgrade to a new and more efficient heating system, your family will enjoy greater comfort even on the coldest of days and you’ll enjoy the savings on your energy and repair bills.

An Intro to Boilers and Furnaces

Some people use the words “boiler” and “furnace” interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. A boiler and a furnace can each be part of a home’s heating system, but they work differently.

Boilers are hydronic heating systems. They use hot water or steam to heat your home. A hot water boiler burns fuel to heat water that is then pumped through pipes to baseboards, radiators, in-floor radiant tubing, or other sealed hydronic devices throughout your Massachusetts home. With a steam boiler, the process is very similar. However, the water is converted to steam before circulating throughout your home.

Furnaces are forced air systems. Furnaces burn fuel to heat air. That hot air is then pushed through a system of ducts that lead to vents throughout the home.

You can tell which type of heating system a home uses by checking for radiators and vents. A home with radiators (or baseboards) has a boiler. A home with vents has a furnace.

Boiler & Furnace Costs

The cost of a new furnace or boiler can be worth it. An older furnace or boiler won’t run as efficiently, so your fuel and energy bills will be higher. An older system will also cost you more in repairs.

When is it time to replace your heating system? If your repair costs will be 50% or more than the cost of an upgrade, it’s better to make the investment in upgrading a high-efficiency heating system.

How much will it cost you to replace your heating system? While there are many variables that will be at play, here are some very general average costs.

The latest data shows that the average cost to replace an oil-fired furnace runs between $2,500 and $6,000, although a high-efficiency unit might increase that cost to closer to $10,000. Boilers are a little more expensive to replace. The cost to replace a boiler system can range from $3,000 to $6,000, but a high-efficiency boiler could be as much as $12,000 to install.

Bear in mind that these numbers are national averages, and costs range from region to region. There are also many other factors that can affect the cost of your heating system upgrade, including the brand you choose, the square footage of the home, the complexity of the installation, labor costs and the size of the heating system (in BTU power).

Installation & Service

You can rely on Brideau for heating installation and service. We install, service, and repair boilers and furnaces. If it’s time to upgrade, come to Brideau for the expert installation of a dependable and high-efficiency boiler or furnace. Not sure what to choose, we’ll send a specialist to your home for a free assessment. We’ll also let you know if you qualify for any rebates.

If you decide to stick with your current boiler or furnace, schedule a maintenance visit so one of our technicians can find and address any potential issues and get your heating system working as efficiently as it can. You may also want to enroll in our service plan. It includes a yearly tune-up as well as discounts on diagnostic/service fees and parts and includes emergency service in case you lose heat.

Brideau Is the Smart Choice

At Brideau Energy, the comfort of your home is our priority. We have served the residents of Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 1987.

Contact Brideau Energy today to learn more about our furnace and boiler services.